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Certificate Medical Coding and Billing (CMCB) job training is provided for candidates who wish to secure an entry level coding job in the highly lucrative Health Care KPO sector.

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Medical coding course in Abu Dhabi.

Medical Coding also known as Clinical Coding is one of the leading provider of jobs for students who have completed life science degree or diploma. The career opportunities available for life science students in Gulf Countries in the field of Medical Coding is very good. The HAAD Medical Coding guidelines of Abu Dhabi has clearly given guidelines related to Medical Coding through the Clinical Coding Steering Committee which has made Medical Coding Certification MANDATORY for Medical Coders working in Abu Dhabi.

Who is eligible for medical coding course and training in Abu Dhabi ?

Candidates who have completed any life science degree or diploma is eligible for medical coding course in Abu Dhabi. Candidates from Nursing, Pharma, Biotech, Bio-informatics, Physiotherapy, Dental etc can develop their career in Medical Coding and earn a very good salary in UAE particularly Abu Dhabi.

What are the life science courses eligible for medical coding course in Abu Dhabi?

Medical coding course in Abu Dhabi can be taken up by candidates from Bsc, Biotechnology, Bio Informatics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dental, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.

Do I need Medical Coding Training for medical coding jobs in Abu Dhabi?

Medical coding jobs in Abu Dhabi requires Medical Coding training as Medical Coding is a professional job which requires knowledge about Medical Terminologies, ICD 9 CM, ICD 10 CM/PCS, CPT, HCPCS. These areas are covered in depth to prepare for the Medical Coding Certification exams provided by AAPC / AHIMA (CPC, CCA, CCS). The HAAD Guidelines has also made the US based certification exam credentials mandatory for Medical Coders working in Abu Dhabi.

Being from a life science background you will be able to master the required skills in a period of 2 to 3 months.

Medical Coding is emerging as a great career prospect for candidates who wish to relocate to UAE / Abu Dhabi or already in UAE / Abu Dhabi and looking for better career options in the Medical Coding part of the health care sector.

The health authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has given clear guidelines for Medical coders working in Abu Dhabi hospitals. The HAAD guidelines has stated that Medical Coders working in Abu Dhabi should have certification / credentials to work as Medical coders.

The most sought after credentials by HAAD are AHIMA certifications followed by AAPC certifications.

The career prospects of experienced Medical Coders in UAE is currently based on the candidates  clearing the US based certification exams like CCA, CCS, CPC.

The career prospects of fresh aspirants intending to enter into medical coding in UAE is almost impossible without US based certifications.

The health authorities of other UAE emirates like Dubai are also implementing similar guidelines which will make medical coding certification mandatory for working as medical coders in Dubai also in the near future. Candidates with Medical Coding Certifications are in high demand in all the other parts of UAE and also other Gulf Countries.

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